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The Benchmarking tool allows users to quickly estimate the annual operational cost for their buildings based on area, location, building type and date.

It produces a cost range of annual operational costs for typical facility management type services based on the nominated building details. This software was released on 20 June 2019 and partially available to subscribers for free.

Principle Benefits / Features
Benchmark of operational costs for many different building types
  • Addresses an unknown in current market
  • Applies to new and existing building
  • Benchmarks for Users’ internal projects are private
Comparison of benchmark and internal costs
  • Allows comparison between known internal costs and benchmark
  • Indicates value for money of current services
Portfolio based on benchmarks
  • Consolidates separate benchmarks and know building costs into a portfolio wide estimate


Create Benchmark

How to quickly create a top-down cost estimate of operational cost using the Benchmark Function in Yardstick

My Buildings Function

Short tutorial showing how to use the "My Buildings" function in Yardstick from DC2O

Comparison Function

Short tutorial to demonstrate how the Comparison function in Yardstick by DC2O works

Portfolio Function

Short tutorial on using the Portfolio Function to estimate the combined operational cost across a number of buildings

Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Benchmark

Benchmark for Commercial Office


Case Study 2 - My Benchmark

Example of My Building Input


Case Study 3 - Comparison

Example of Comparison Function


Case Study 4 - Portfolio

Example of Portfolio Function