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Asset Management Benefits


  • Greater confidence in asset performance
  • Minimised disruption and adverse publicity arising from asset failure
  • Improved business process alignment and business performance
  • Mechanisms to sustain improved performance levels


  • Lower unnecessary asset related costs
  • Asset-related decision making capability
  • Improved plant efficiency and reliability through effective targeted maintenance


  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Availability of assets in relation to service delivery obligations
  • Provision of safe and healthy workplace
  • Sustainable development


  • Identification of opportunities within asset base
  • Process to actively consider non-asset alternatives
  • Ensuring limited funds go further by prioritising investment and allowing better project selection
  • Sustainable development


  • Optimised procurement (capital and recurrent)
  • Ensuring major assets retain their value
  • Maximised ROI

SAAS #1 - Benchmarking

The Benchmarking tool allows users to quickly estimate the annual operational cost for their buildings based on area, location, building type and date. It produces a cost range of annual operational cost for typical facility management type services based on the nominated building details. This software was released on 20 June 2019 and is available to subscribers for free.

Principle Benefit to All

Benchmark of operational costs for many different building types

Provides a new service in current market

Applies to new and existing building;

Comparison of benchmark and internal costs

Allows comparison between known internal costs and benchmark

Indicates value for money of current services

Portfolio based on benchmarks

Consolidates separate benchmarks and know building costs into a portfolio wide estimate

SAAS #2 - Life Cycle Cost Calculator

The Life Cycle Cost Calculator allows users to calculate the total life cycle costs over the full life of a building element, including capital costs, maintenance, energy, insurance, etc. In addition, it allows users to undertake comparisons between competing elements. This software was released on 25 September 2019 and is included in the paid subscription service.

Principle Benefit to All

Whole of life cycle costing

Calculate whole of life cycle cost for a specific building element or component design

Provides real numbers on the true long term cost

Comparative evaluation between different models or design alternative

Allows for comparative evaluation between different models or design alternative

Demonstrates specific cost difference

Reporting / outputs

Produces building element specific cashflows by cost types and depreciation schedules

Outputs provided in many formats to promote wide usage of information

SAAS #3 - Yardstick Projects

This will allow users to develop a whole of life costing model for their own buildings and projects. It will also enable users to create locations in the building and then add assets to each space directly from DC2O�s comprehensive life cycle cost catalogue . This catalogue contains in excess of 10,000 items complete with maintenance scope frequency and costs as well as many other specific asset related attributes. Each user on a paid subscription will be entitled to a single building / project, and additional buildings / projects will incur an additional charge. All models will reside on the cloud and can be modified / adjusted or added as per users� requirements. DC2O currently has a minimum viable product (MVP) prototype for the DIY Asset Planning tool which is being used in the provision of its consulting services. The attached graphic shows a typical interactive report which allows users to examine all levels of cost for their buildings. The DIY Asset Planning tool will allow users to evaluate different scenarios in order to optimise the operational costs for running their buildings / portfolios.

Principle Benefit to All

WOL Asset Plan

Quickly allows for the development of a long-term, bottom-up, fully transparent cost plan for a facility

Access to a comprehensive library of WOL activitiesSignificant reduction in time and quality of asset plan to current practices

Live models allowing real-time continuous access

Being cloud-based Users can update models continuously as knowledge of facilities improves

DC2O provide ongoing updating of background information on catalogue

Reporting / outputs

Produces fully transparent and accessible cashflows across by cost types, assets, users, criticality, location, time etc

Outputs provided in many formats to promote wide usage of information

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