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About us

Our team are highly experienced specialists in operational costs, strategic asset management, facilities management, planning, procurement, contracts, bidding, construction, data analytics, operations, refinancing, secondary markets and insurance.

DC2O has established a respectable base of clients including Calvary Care, Serco, Multiplex Construction, Health Infrastructure NSW, Enwave, Haldon Industries and Hickory.

Applications, such as Yardstick and WoL Cost Guide, and consulting are the sources of revenue. DC2O offers consulting services to help organisations achieve asset management objectives . Specifically we offer services in:

  • LCC modelling
  • Development of YARDSTICK models
  • Design and Construction transitioning to Operations including defects management and establishing information systems
  • Asset management strategy
  • Training

Our Commitment

  • Pursue and promote best practice asset management
  • Work in a transparent and collaborative manner with clients as their partner and to drive continuous improvements in performance
  • Look for the best solution to achieve our clients? objectives
  • Provide sound and reliable advice with evidence and alternatives, to provide clients with the greatest degree of certainty to support effective decision-making
  • Provide our client with tangible, workable tools which can be utilized for ongoing benefit into the future

DC2O Drivers


Provide quality asset information to property industry, decision makers and stakeholders which is
accurate, accessible, transparent and maintainable


DC2O believes that understanding of whole of life cost, including operational costs, is the key to asset management benefits

Efficiently collecting data, optimizing it’s conversion to information and utilizing a Client’s understanding of context, creates the best conditions to grow knowledge to deliver successful strategy.