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Property Owners

Benefits of Our Services to Property Owners


Benchmark of operational costs for many different building types

  • Understand long term commitment
  • Business Case

Comparison of benchmark and internal costs

  • Specific cost reduction opportunities

Portfolio based on benchmarks

  • Quickly estimates the overall scale of operational costs

WoL Cost Guide

Whole of life cycle costing

  • For consideration in design decisions

Comparative evaluation between different models or design alternative

  • For consideration in design decisions
  • Reduces subjectivity in design-related decisions

Reporting / outputs

  • Cost schedule for long term operation planning and strategy
  • Automatic annual depreciation schedules
  • Consistency in reporting

Yardstick Projects

WOL Asset Plan

  • Understanding of total long term costs
  • Provides control in long term strategies including disposal

Live models allowing real-time continuous access

  • Ability to change model to reflect changes in circumstances such as demand, financial
  • Mitigates high risk to service delivery arising between D&C and operations

Reporting / outputs

  • Transparency for long term operation planning and strategy
  • Baseline for performance monitoring
  • Ease and consistency in reporting